I am continuously inspired by the strength, perseverance and openness of my clients that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past decade.  Your trust in me as a clinician is truly humbling and working with each of you has opened my eyes to the power of healing and the hope that exists to lead a functional and pain free life.


For that, I am forever grateful.


"As a male PN patient, I can attest that having the right pelvic floor PT is as critical as having a physician that can properly diagnose you. Post diagnosis, it is the PT who will plot your path to wellness. Prior to being under Kelly's care, my PT visits were weekly and sometimes even twice weekly for well over a year. During that time, my pain levels were often unmanageable.  Under Kelly's care, I received treatment that reeducated my pelvic floor, permitted faster recovery after flareups, provided an almost complete elimination of pain, and decreased my need for PT to that of just periodic maintenance. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction and especially to those who may have given up hope!"

"I had the honor of working with Kelly treat my chronic pelvic and back pain. I had no idea the amount of healing and validation that I was about to receive! Kelly was one of the first providers EVER that actually listened and believed me - and treated me in a wholesome way, according to how I was feeling on that day. Since pelvic pain is very in depth and requires different access points to treat for actual results, most providers either do not understand it fully or end up feeling overwhelmed because they do not know how to approach it in the most effective way. My pain is very layered and complex, but Kelly's expertise and confidence shined through in each visit, as she would combine a unique variety of therapies to promote the most change on that day. To this day, I have not seen a PT provide anywhere near the same results. Through my visits with Kelly, I began to understand the nature of my pain - how it is mostly nerve-related, what specific nerves are affected, and how I can manage my symptoms through lifestyle and diet. Kelly's expert support and incredible pain management techniques do not have proper words to describe their impact. Not only did Kelly address my physical pain, but her validation of my related emotional/mental trauma was incredibly eye-opening and healing. I truly trust Kelly - especially in this vulnerable work. I am forever thankful to have had the healing time I shared with her! For anyone with a pelvic pain condition seeking relief, clarity, and expert knowledge, Kelly is your hands-down absolute best choice for treatment. Thank you Kelly!"

"I was referred to Kelly for lymphedema treatment. She is thoughtful, compassionate and skilled, filled with warmth and a great sense of humor.  Additionally, and what makes her an exceptional practitioner, is her intellect and professional curiosity. Kelly thought about my whole picture and correctly diagnosed the issue. Her intuition, knowledge and curiosity led us to be able to resolve my concerns. This gift and her passion raises the bar."

"Kelly has been working with me and her techniques in dry needling are the best! I have had 3 other therapists try to help alleviate my pain and never got the results I received from Kelly!  Kelly's outstanding personality and great attitude really help put you at ease. She is, in my opinion, the best! I recommend her to anyone needing help for pain relief and physical therapy."