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physical therapy services specializing in the following:

male + female pelvic floor dysfunction, sports performance, pelvic + back pain, pregnancy + postpartum wellness, oncology rehabilitation + lymphedema, dry needling, mat Pilates + functional exercise 



Packages available for continued care.


Pregnancy + Postpartum Package

This 6-Visit package is available for clients during their pregnancy and postpartum journeys!


Following an initial evaluation, here is the recommendation:

Visit 1: 1st Trimester

Visit 2: 2nd Trimester

Visit 3: 3rd Trimester

Visit 4: Birth Prep

Visit 5: Postpartum

Visit 6: Postpartum Progressions

Visit Cost: $150/session


10 Visit Package

This 10-Visit package is available for clients who require a more extensive plan of care and/or maintenance during their health and wellness journeys!

Visit Cost: $150/session

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Refer A Friend

Word of mouth referrals are the greatest compliment!

If you refer a client, please email me the client's information using the link below or have them mention the referral when booking their initial evaluation.

For your referral, you will receive 50% off your next follow up visit.


Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately, no.  This allows me to delivery you high quality, one-on-one care for the entirety of your path to wellness. Ultimately this means quicker recovery with fewer visits, while getting the personalized care and attention you deserve.

Many insurances have the option of submitting a claim for reimbursement following treatment.  If you choose to do this, I am happy to provide you with a detailed invoice of your services.

Pending your out of network benefits, you may qualify for reimbursement from your insurance.

HSA/FSA cards are also accepted.

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